Named Endowments

Acadiana Computer Systems, Inc.
Shirley V. Adamson
Jerome G. and Linda F. Alesi
Gary Alexander
Raymond M. and Suzan G. Allen
Sue Birdwell Alves
Dwight Andrus, Sr.
Annette T. Myers
Dr. Norman E. Anseman Jr.
Arceneaux Decendants Acadiens, Inc.
Lucille Arceneaux Memorial
John and Mary Attrep
Avec Souci
Allen M. and Florence Leger Babineaux
Bank One
Jack Barry Memorial
Bibaeff Family
Adele and Sheldon Blue
Dan P. Branch
Mavis Branch Memorial
Sonya Branch
Beatrix A. Breaux Memorial
Janie A. Brown
Geraldine S. Buckland
J.J. Burdin, Jr.
Christine T. and Hal B. Butts
Joseph V. Cady
Joseph V. and Dr. Wes Schwemmer Cady
D. Ralph Caffery Memorial
Charles C. Cain Memorial
Dr. Jane Ellen Carstens
Mr.and Mrs. J.C. Chargois, Sr. Memorial
Dee Cloyd Memorial
Jean Nolan Cochrane
Phyllis Crosby
Doreen Crotty Memorial
George Crouchet Memorial
Margaret S. Danna
Loretta Doguet
Perret Doise
Dombourian Family
Sona Dombourian Memorial
Domingue and Szabo
Tom and Judy Eby
Edie’s Restaurant
Novalyne Price Ellis Memorial
Edward M. Fearney Memorial
Mary Elberson Memorial
Marion Embree Memorial
Lola Dykes Eshelman Memorial
Finch Family
Juanita Brian Foster
Friends of the Library
Caroll and Elaine G. Fuselier
Chris and Karen Gambel Family
Gautreaux Family Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Green
Dr. Brooke and Susan Hamilton
The Hasling Family
Haynie Family Foundation (2)
Rebecca Bass Huckabay
Dr. Jean Sorrell Hurley
Kallenberger Family
Jillian and Reed Kennedy
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Killeen, Sr.
Kinchen Funeral Home
Dr. and Mrs. E.W. Kinchen
Kiwanis Club of Broussard/Youngsville
Kiwanis Club of Lafayette Foundation
Eddy and Ann Knight
Drs. Larry and Jean T. Kreamer
La Reunion des Babineaux et Granger Endowment
Lafayette Bar Association Auxiliary
Lafayette General Medical Center
Lafayette Parish Medical Society Alliance
LaFonda’s Restaurant
Paulette and Steve Landry
Dr. Hugh and Barbara Larriviere
L’Avenir Women’s Club
Marci and Bob Lecky
Edward J. Martin Family Endowment
Howard W. Martin Memorial
Jimmy Martin Memorial
McDaniel/Chappuis Community Foundation
Bill McGoffin Memorial
Leota Lynch Meyer Memorial
F. W. “Bud” Moriarty Memorial
Ruth Brandon Moriarty (2)
Dr. Robert Morrow
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Munchrath
Nanette Rabelais Family
Dr. Mary Neiheisel
Oliver Thibodeaux
Pilgrim Family Endowment

The PrimeTime Family Reading Program
Pugh Family Foundation
Michelle Reiger
Bettye Remont Memorial
Richard G. Neiheisel Memorial
Leo and Yvonne B. Richard
Blaine J. Romero Memorial
Nancy Romero
Trula Russek
Angie Simoneaux
Drs. Amos and Vaughan Simpson
Gail D. Smith
Pat Snyder Memorial
Society of Petroleum Engineers – Evangeline Section
Dr. Patrick Sonnier M.D.
Annie W. Spell PhD
Caroline Postell Spurlock
St. Mary Land and Exploration Company
Sara Worley Stagg
Sean Stevens
Stone and Hawkins Families Memorial
John N. and Eleanor F. Straub
Ella Jane “Jick” Swan Memorial
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Tarpy
James C.M. Taylor
The Daughters of John C. Whittington
C. J. Thomann Memorial
Hugh Thompson and Trent Angers
Trible, Bruce and Madelyn
Jack and Carol Tufts Memorial
Van Eaton-Gail Romero
Robert S. Walker
Patricia Williamson
The Woman’s Club of Lafayette
Eugenia and James Yeates Memorial

Honorary Endowments

Acadiana Open Channel
Aline Arceneaux
Raymond and Suzan Allen
Suzan G. Allen (2)
Jules Arceneaux
Jeanne Billeaud
Sue Birdwell Alves
Darrell Bourque
Sonya Branch
Broussard, Poche’, Lewis and Breaux, LLP
Robbie Bush
Dr. Wes Schwemmer Cady
Dr. Jane Ellen Carstens
J. C. Chargois
City of Carencro
Michael J. Doumit, Jr.
Dunn’s Designs, Judy Dunn, Owner
Event Rental
Falgout Family
Friends of the Library
Ernest Gaines
Nina H. Geoffroy
Arthur Green
Susan Hamilton
Hoyt Harris
Haynie Family Foundation
Herbert Heymann
Hibernia National Bank of Lafayette
James and Mary Hopkins Jr.
Ted and Vicki Jacques
Dr. Don Johnson
Isaac Jones (2)
Michael Arnold Killeen Sr. (2)
Barbara Kinchen
Jean T. Kreamer, PHD
Lafayette Art Association
Lafayette Coca-Cola Bottling
Lafayette Garden Club
Lafayette Genealogy Society
Lafayette General Medical Center
Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Office
Lafayette Science Museum
Joan Rochel Landry
Mary and Jim Landry
Les Vingt Quatre Club
Grant and Maizie Molett
Ruth Brandon Moriarty
Annette Myers
Mary Neilheisel
Paul’s Jewelers

Performing Arts Society of Acadiana
Dr. Henry Pitchford
Pugh Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Leo Richard
Pat Soper
St. Mary Land and Exploration
Dorothy Stevens
John N. and Eleanor Straub
Pam Stroup
Surrey Street Community Health Center
Denelle Wrightson
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